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KAAZ LSD For Ford (MTX75 Focus/Mondeo) (1.5 Way)

KAAZ LSD For Ford (MTX75 Focus/Mondeo) (1.5 Way)

Product Specifications


  • Clutch Plate A: 6
  • Clutch Plate B: 6
  • Cone Springs : 2
  • Configuration: 1.5-way
  • Factory Torque: 5.5-7.5 (kg-m)
  • Ramp / Cam Angle: 50x20


How A KAAZ LSD Works


There has been a lot written and a lot talked about the LSD and its function. KAAZ-SPORTS has been developing Limited Slip Differentials for many many years and over this time they have learned all of the best practices in LSD design and performance.


Below explains how LSD works and the benefits using a KAAZ LSD. Much of this has been translated from the Japanese catalogues and also form time that members of have spent with KAAZ Engineers both in the UK and in Japan.


A standard differential in your car is known as a "free" diff. This means that each wheel is free to rotate on its own. Should one wheel spin or go onto a muddy surface all the power is transferred to the wheel in the mud because as it is the easiest route for the transfer of power. The down side of this is that you lose traction and forward momentum. This is not an ideal situation in a competition event as you are looking for forward traction at much as possible.


Inside a KAAZ limited slip differential or LSD are a combination of special flexible plates and a pin in-between them. Then as the car accelerates the pin is pushed between the plates moving them out and in turn "locking the diff" With a diff locked if a wheel go onto a muddy surface then the plates work to put the power to the wheel that is not slipping. Also when you decelerate the pin moves to a new position and again presses the plates to give you good control under braking.



For a rear wheel drive car the best option is a 2 Way LSD

In a rear wheel drive car on acceleration and cornering the pin pushes the plates out and locks the diff giving good traction to both wheels. Then should one wheel spin the power will be transferred to the wheel that is not spinning. Should both wheels spin under very hard acceleration say when performing wheel spin start or performing a doughnut or drifting the car then power is distributed equally to both wheels.


With all this going on inside the KAAZ LSD you are able to perform these driving enjoyments.

The car is more stable going into a corner and you fill find you have faster exiting speeds. On some applications a 1.5 Way KAAZ LSD is also an option.


KAAZ 1.5 Way LSD


For a front wheel drive car the best option is a KAAZ 1.5 Way LSD.


Just like the KAAZ 2 Way LSD upon acceleration the pin moves the plates out and locks the diff and in turn limits the wheel spin or slip. But upon deceleration the pin moves to a new position but only applies ½ the force as if it applied the full force the car would be unstable under braking and deceleration.


When acceleration around a corner you will "feel" the diff working for you and through the steering wheel you will feel the diff pulling you around the corner. This can be a strange feeling, but you will find that you also now have much higher exiting speeds.


As well as 1.5 and 2 way KAAZ LSD, KAAZ also offer the KAAZ Solid Type. The KAAZ Solid Type uses RS plates and offer a much better reaction time when a LSD "Locks" up. Take some time to read about the KAAZ Solid Type LSD.

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