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About OC Motorsport LTD Est.2007

Meet #TeamOC!



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Andy, also known as ADA is Head of Marketing for OC Motorsport.


Driving around in his torquey stage 2 Focus ST Diesel, he is the guy that helps out with the behind the scenes work.

He believes in image, everything you see online is organised by himself.

He advises Mr 'Ollie OC Motorsport Clarke' on ideas on what should be done next within the car tuning industry.

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Ollie Clarke.

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Ollie Clarke is the HEAD HONCHO of OC Motorsport. He thought and achieved every image in and out of the workshop!

Establishing OC Motorsport in 2007 OC is one of the top tuners in the UK & is still tuning vehicles and racing to this present day. 



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