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Focus RS Mk2 EBC Redstuff Front Brake Pads

Focus RS Mk2 EBC Redstuff Front Brake Pads



EBC Brakes Redstuff is a superb pad for premium and fast street use and faster prestige cars. Built with a premium quality LOW dust brake material, these pads contain ZERO steel fibre and even the small amount of dust created washes off easily with a sponge and water.


Redstuff pads also reduce disc wear so that High Performance LOWEST DUST rating pads for Prestige imports and faster street driving.


There are TWO reasons our customers love Redstuff, First because they are the lowest dust pad we have encountered by reducing dust by 60-90%.


Plus the minimal dust you see is very easily removed with a simple sponge wash as it contains no steel fibre particles as in ALL OTHER pads. Second they brake like an alligator right from cold (as good as Original pads or better) and just get better as they heat up.


This material is a Kevlar fibre based brake compound enhanced with ceramic particles. If you have previously tried EBC redstuff (pre-ceramic compound) this material is light years ahead. It lasts longer, it brakes better and is quieter.*Please note that Picture is library item.

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