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MAXD Stage 2 Focus ST MK3 Diesel Remap

D.I.Y - MAXD Stage 2 Focus ST MK3 Diesel Remap

Stage 2 DPF Delete 240 + bhp - MAXD OUT Remaps


  • Smooth and Safe Power Delivery
  • D.I.Y Only remap... Call our workshop if you need help.
  • Astonishing Power from the 2.0 STD Engine
  • Miltek full exhaust & DPF removal including uprated intercooler is highly reccomended.


The new generation of ST Diesel Focus is perfect to tune. Much more laid back than its petrol sibling, we can give your car effortless performance and a colossal amount of low down pulling power.


This MAXD Stage 2 workshop installed remap will take the ST250 Diesel with a DPF delete and extra breathing modifications and bring out the very best from the engine .


Adding around 50-60bhp and delivering monstrous 80-95Nm of extra torque. Making a total figure of over 240bhp and 480nm of torque. Those sound like the power figures of a real hot hatch.


MAXD keep the power delivery smooth and progressive, but add enough excitement to make the car feel more like a true performance car rather than an ecobox!


Through our testing we found the stage 1+ map delivers peak torque a staggering 500rpm lower in the rev range than compared to stock and the Bluefin.


This low down kick of torque gives you effortless acceleration and in gear pace, no need to work the gearbox and engine too hard when going for an overtake.


Do I need to change any hardware?

This map is best suited to a car with an upgraded air filter and intercooler.


Will it ruin the economy?

No, during testing stages we have actually seen an increase in fuel economy on long runs and motorway journeys. Although we can promise you get more smiles per gallon with your foot down!


What do we do and how long does the EcoBoost Remap take ?

We Plug into the vehicles OBD port and read the ECU data. We then update your specific data with the new MAXD mapping data and import it back into your ECU via the OBD port again. All this usually within the hour.


The new MAXD ECU map will mean that not only will you see increased flexibility and more performance but you will also see an improvement in fuel economy on low throttle settings

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