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AIRTEC Intercooler Upgrade for Mk3 Focus RS

AIRTEC Intercooler Upgrade for Mk3 Focus RS



AIRTEC huge front mount intercooler for Mk3 Focus RS.


The AIRTEC intercooler is the only off the shelf intercooler that uses a 100mm deep core! We use this core only in the most extreme coolers, we name the 100mm core 'GobStopper' due to it's amazing cooling properties.


The AIRTEC intercooler for the Mk3 Focus RS is already proving itself to be a huge hit in the RS scene and the must have for remapped cars. With the standard intercooler being pretty up to scratch, Airtec have taken this intercooler to a whole new level.

Features of Stage 3.


  • Smooth flow curved end tanks, for that ultimate flow
  • Huge high flow 100mm core
  • Air-Ram Scoop, forces Air directly into core of intercooler
  • Fitting takes 1-2 hours
  • Increased BHP & torque Figure
  • Available in Pro-Series Black or Natural Silver
  • Strongest Intercooler available, backed up by our 3 year warranty.
  • Fabricated in the UK, in house.


Core Thickness 100mm 'this is used on a syvecs powered 800bhp focus rs with an intake temp of 34 degrees'


Height 220mm


Width 896mm


Ambient 16.0 degrees centigrade


AIRTEC Test results:

Into intercooler in degrees centigrade

Run 1 - 155

Run 2 - 157

Run 3 - 160


Out of intercooler in degrees centigrade

Run 1 - 18 

Run 2 - 18

Run 3 - 19


Intercooler Volume Capacity (The amount of charged air that the intercooler can hold)

Standard: 4.4
AIRTEC: 7.3-litres


Registered Design Right number: 6022646

    £545.74 Regular Price
    £490.99Sale Price
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