TurboSmart Upgrades

£ 39.81
Boost Guage 0-30psi 52mmTurbosmart 0-30psi 52mm mechanical boost gauge is the perfect accessory for any of our Gated Boost Control Valves Featuring simple mechanical operation, a black face with silver bezel, bright back lighting and vacuum to 30psi range. All hook-up and panel mounting hardware included.
£ 26.49
Boost Guage Mounting Cup 52mmGauge Mounting Cup is an ideal accessory for the Turbosmart Boost Gauge.
£ 112.87
Kompact Plumb Back-25mmFull recirculating 25mm BOV. The Plumb Back system recirculates all excess pressure back into the intake system. Great for enthusiasts not wanting to be noticed but wanting the performance and reliability benefits of a quality BOV. APPLICATION: Fits most cars using the factory BOSCH or DENSO bypass valves.
£ 298.84
Race Port 50mm

50mm Race Port.

The Highest-flowing BOV in the Turbosmart range has just been redesigned and now features our unique collar design. 46% lighter and 25% smaller than the product it replaces, the new Race Port provides greater performance through faster turbo spool-up from idle and reduced turbo lag between gears. SUPPLIED WITH:Vacuum fittings, weld flange, V-band assembly.