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Stealth Package 1 Litre Ecoboost 165bhp

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£ 793.95
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Stealth Package 1 Litre Ecoboost 165bhp

Upgrade your 1.0L Ecoboost to a massive 165bhp with OC Motorsport

Included are the following parts for DIY Fitment or at our Workshop In Essex

  • AS Stage 2 Induction Kit
  • Airtec Stage 1 Intercooler (Upgrade to Stage 2 Intercooler at additional £54.00)
  • OC Motorsport Evolution Chips Stage 3 Remap (please note remap is workshop only installed)

This Kit is called the stealth cause the power can be discreetly hidden with a black intercooler and no writing from the first look will appear totally standard.

Full Kit as tried and tested on our own Fiesta Titanium 100ps 1 Litre Ecoboost Sleeper

Workshop Fitting Additional £135.00 please contact our GARAGE


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