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MAXD-OUT Flash Tuning Box - FORD Fiesta ST 1.5T 2018 Stage 1 Remap

Stage 1 Warranty Safe Progressive Power and Torque 225-230 bhp - MAXD-OUT Software


  • Tune your Mk8 ST Fiesta anywhere in the World.
  • Stage 1 Up to 241 bhp capable
  • Simple Plug and Play CustomTuning procedure.
  • Uses any Windows based PC
  • Includes Full Lifetime Stage 1 Updates via Email


The MAXD tuning device allows you total control of the vehicles engine calibration with the use of any Windows based PC.

With over 1500 sold worldwide you couldn't be in safer hands.
This Brand New 2018 Fiesta Stage 1 version of the MAXD-OUT device contains a Super Safe engine calibration that adds no more boost but lifts torque and peak performance by 20-25 bhp and 40nm at peak levels but over 50nm in low down rev ranges that makes the car feel effortlessly quick. The turbo is spooled much earlier and peak torque is now 1200 revs earlier which totally transforms the drivability of this already quick car.
If there is one thing you do to the new ST 1.5 Turbo it has to be this MAXDOUT Stage 1 warranty safe map.


Fantastic results from the new MAXDOUT mapping on the new ST Mk8.

Pumaspeeds MAXD OUT have 3 Mk8 Fiesta Demo cars, 1.0T, 1.5T and a very bespoke race inspired 1.6T X47R power Track car.
The pride of the Mk8 Fleet is the new 1.5T and very eager to lift power saw us read the Stock MG1 version ECU with the very popular MAXDOUT Software back in June or July, so we were very quickly able to get to work of writing some testing maps for the car. The only issue was that no-one in the world had the write protocols so no matter how many Files we or anyone wrote they just could not be written to the ECU.

The MG1 version ECU was finally write enabled on the August 22nd 2018 so we have been testing and logging maps on the three firmware versions since then with some briliant results as the Main YouTube Video of the new Stage 1 Plus map below shows.

A Stock Power run with an air filter and Scorpion CatBack showed a healthy 205-208bhp spread with an average around 206 of the 6 back to back Dyno runs  performed.

  • Warranty @Pumaspeed MAXD out

    Is the MAXDOUT Mapping Warranty SAFE ?
      - Yes we believe so, The MAXDOUT programmer has a unique feature, it allows you to read and store the Original File on any WINDOWS PC.!   This Saved File can, at any time, be re-installed to the car and the vehicle taken into Ford for any recall works.
    - The programmer can be used to upload and download an unlimited number of times but after recall works please contact pumaspeed again as Ford May have uploaded a new Stock Firmware version that may need one of our updated files

    What happens to my stock mapping ?
     -  this will be read and will be saved on the Laptop for re-use at any time and as many times as you wish.
    What if my car is already mapped?
    Your ECU will be read by the software and this will be treated as the stock mapping for your car.We do have stock maps available and these can be includsed if required.
     Is the Software easy DIY install on and off the car ?
      - Yes the custom software is very simple to use and runs on any Windows Laptop.
     Can I upgrade the maps to a higher level ?
     - Yes the benefit of the system is that MAXD can easily send you upgraded files from the above list as you upgrade the Hardware to suit.
    Can MAXD write a custom file to suit my list of mods ?
     - Yes the in house calibration specialists at MAXD can tailor a mapping to suit you and your driving style. Whilst MAXD research and development does run through most case scenarios there will always be the requirement for that one off special.
    Can i use the device on more than one vehicle ?
     - No the MAXD device locks itself you your vehicles VIN number and cannot be used on another vehicle.
    Can I use Different Fuels ?
    -  MAXD maps are available for 95 RON 99RON and 102RON high quality fuel.
        we will make them freely available but warn that running the wrong fuel to mapping combination can be dangerous
    Does the Mapping affect the immobilizer ?
     - MAXD maps will not affect the vehicle immobilizer in any way.
    Can I download a stock map?
     - If your car has already been mapped elsewhere and you want to return it to standard, we can provide a standard tune.

    DO we think its the Best ?
     - Pumaspeed and Internet forum owner testing has shown all the MAXD-OUT mappings to be higher powered than every other branded mapping, including some very well known names. They hold every record at Santa Pod for stage 1 2 and Stage 3 Hybrid Powered Fiestas. It's your choice.

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