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Mishimoto continues to expand on our line of performance exhaust system components! After months of development and testing. 
Mishimoto has released the stainless steel downpipe for the Ford Mustang EcoBoost! This downpipe was designed with maximum exhaust flow in mind, using 3" mandrel-bent stainless steel tubing.This downpipe will easily outflow the stock restrictive piece, and allow your EcoBoost Mustang to make maximum power and torque! With this downpipe installed on our EBM Mustang and the ECU re-flashed with a more aggressive tune, the engine was able to make an additional 65whp and 108wtq over stock with our catted downpipe installed. With the Mishimoto catless downpipe installed, we produced additional gains of 9.8 whp and 8.3 wtq over the catted model, making this a great option for those seeking maximum power output.The Mishimoto downpipe was also designed to be easy to install, as well as adaptable to many exhaust configurations.
We know there are many choices out there for cat-back exhausts, and the included 3.0"-2.25" adapter allows easy mating to the stock exhaust or most aftermarket cat-back exhausts with the stock-sized 2.25" mid-pipe. The adapter can also be omitted, so the downpipe has a 3.0" V-band outlet to mate up to a custom exhaust, or the upcoming Mishimoto Cat-Back Exhaust to make a full 3" downpipe / mid-pipe combination.The two-piece downpipe design allows for an easier installation without wrestling a large bulky pipe into place. The Mishimoto downpipe comes with all of the necessary clamps and flanges you’ll need for installation, and mates perfectly to your stock turbo gasket, making the need to purchase additional gaskets or hardware unnecessary!
Like all of our EcoBoost Mustang parts, this downpipe comes with the Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty!
Direct fit for the 2015-2017 Ford Mustang EcoBoost
Fits with both manual and automatic transmissions
Extremely aggressive turbo and exhaust tone under acceleration and boost
304 stainless steel 2-piece design allows for uninterrupted exhaust flow and an easy installation
Includes stainless steel 2-bolt mounting flange to the turbo
76.2mm exhaust diameter for maximum flow

Additional wideband O2 sensor bung for aftermarket wideband sensors
Mates with the stock cat-back exhaust or any aftermarket exhaust with a 57mm mid-pipe
High flow catalytic converter (optional)
Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty
Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty

Please note this is not aways a stock item at OC Motorsport - please call us on 01268906380 Or email us for latest availabity.
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