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Ford Fiesta ST150 Mk6 Helix Organic Clutch Kit

Ford Fiesta ST150 Mk6 Helix Organic Clutch Kit



220mm Helix Organic Sport Clutch - Helix Clutches


  • Super duty clutch for the highest power vehicles
  • Hydraulic slave available separately.


This Organic Helix clutch is intended for applications where the engine / vehicle performance has been increased above standard. All Helix Racing Clutches are manufactured from new components to the highest standards using the best materials available; they are designed to give a higher clamp load to cope with higher torque capacity together with an increase engine rpm. The units can be fitted as a direct replacement for the standard unit without modification to the flywheel and retaining the standard clutch release mechanism.


This type of drive plate is suitable for road use and light competition work. The design features damper springs arranged radially around the hub centre which together with facing segments provides progressive engagement and greater degree of clutch control. The organic facing material used is the best high performance material available being metal backed to give much higher burst strength.

    £500.93 Regular Price
    £450.00Sale Price
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