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Newman Stage 1 / Stage 2 Camshaft Kit Focus RS Mk2

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Newman Stage 1 / Stage 2 Camshaft Kit Focus RS Mk2

Phase 1 - Suitable for all ST / RS engines , remapping not essential on this cam but results will improve based on other upgrades, Power band 1500 - 6000rpm

This camshaft that would be used for road use and will normally run with standard injection system and can be fitted without
additional tuning equipment. It is designed for town use and will have a smooth tick-over and will give its increase in power in the low - midrange.
Other modifications to the engine will increase the performance of this cam.

Phase 2 Suitable for ST / RS engines with pocketed pistons and remapped , Power band 2500 - 7000rpm

This camshaft will increase mid-range of the engine and is designed for mild competition use where the driver requires an
increase of power in the mid-range without suffering too much loss of power in the low-range. The tick-over will be heavier than a standard
engine. The fuel system may have to be modified and the cam will work to its optimum with modifications to the cylinder head, inlet/exhaust system and possibly the management system.

Please Note: Stage 1 & Stage 2 option available. Please select the option before purchasing.