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Focus MK3 ST 2.0 Ecoboost PEC rods and supertech pistonsPEC rods are designed to withstand roughly 225hp per cylinder (typically 900hp on most 4cyl engines) and on the ARP 2000 series 3/8 bolts normally provided & have an 8,500 RPM safe operating limit (engine specific).
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Ford Focus ST 250 2.0 16v Ecoboost Turbo PEC Steel Connecting Rods
  • 4x PEC H-beam forged steel connecting rods
  • 8x ARP 2000 series / ARP custom age 625 connecting rod bolts (choose from options)
  • 1x ARP fastener assembly lubricant
  • 1x PEC connecting rod installation guideline sheet
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Ford Focus ST 250 2.0 16v Ecoboost Turbo Wossner Forged Piston KitWössner are regarded by Europe’s leading motor sport engine builders as being the piston of choice when building an engine not only to perform, but to withstand the stresses and duress’s of competition life.
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Powerflex LOWER ENGINE MOUNT BUSH Focus RS Mk3 & ST250PFF19-1820

This part comes with an insert that limits the flexibility of the bush, this can be fitted to further reduce engine movement. For inserts only please use PFF19-1821