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Sitech lightweight custom forged pistons Fiesta ST180

£ 839.99
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Sitech lightweight custom forged pistons  Fiesta ST180

Produced by Omega Pistons in the UK specifically for Sitech Racing 

  • 25 Grams lighter than Standard Ford EcoBoost Pistons
  • Rev proven to over 8200
  • Fully forged Construction
  • Designed and made in the U.K.
  • Stock Bore Size 79.00mm

The standard engine has super light weight dia-cast slipper piston attached to special hardened DLC piston pin which in turn sits in a mega strong forged bush less con rod which is also lightweight. The nature of these components being so light means that the engine is happy to rev to 8000rpm with out putting excessive loads into the big end bearing and crank.

So what we have come up with is an even lighter ultralight forged slipper piston to run on the super hard DLC pin and standard forged rod. This set up is 25 gram lighter than standard but considerably stronger and are fully forged.

For supplied and fitted please call our garage on 01268 906380